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Powerful Single-Phase Solutions

When performance matters and reliability is what counts. In rural areas where access to three-phase power is limited and a large horsepower solution is required, the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole Motor from Single Phase Power Solutions delivers. Available in horsepower ratings up to 100 HP the BELLE Motor Package delivers a reliable single-phase solution for large horsepower applications without the need for a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or Phase Converter and can eliminate the cost of three-phase line extension. Ruggedly built these motors require virtually no maintenance and can save thousands over the cost of a stationary combustion engine.

The 1to3™ Power Source is a robustly designed and premium grade alternative to three-phase power and phase converters that works to generate clean, reliable three-phase power from existing single-phase lines without the use of a phase converter in a wide variety of applications.

Pumps driven by a BELLE™ large horsepower single-phase motor offer the capability to support large pumping installations on a single-phase network. Single Phase Power Solutions has partnered with the industry's leading pump manufacturers to offer high-quality, efficient, heavy-duty pumps that meet the needs of the toughest applications. The use of the Written-Pole™ technology in BELLE™ motors provides many desirable characteristics, including very low starting currents, high operating efficiencies, unity power factor operation, instantaneous restart capability, ability to synchronize under load, and the capability to start high inertial loads without over-sizing.

Single Phase Power Solutions, LLC has partnered with Yaskawa America the world's leading manufacturer of AC drives and motion control products to develop innovative digital solutions to single-phase applications. Our digital phase converter solutions can safely power any three-phase load within its rated capacity and can be customized for nearly any application.

The world's only large horsepower
single-phase motor.

The BELLE Motor™ manufactured by Single Phase Power Solutions is the only motor in the world capable of delivering large horsepower output to a variety of applications from a single-phase power source.

Single Phase Power Solutions offers a complete line of these ruggedly built severe duty motors capable of performing even under the harshest and most demanding conditions.

The BELLE Motor™ system comes complete with our proprietary control panel that ensures maximum efficency and reliability.

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